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A common misconception is that leaves left on a lawn is good fertilizer for the lawn. The truth is that damp leaves left on the lawn will damage grass. Not only do they shade the grass during late fall when it is still growing, but they weaken the grass over winter. The wet leaves mat down and smother the grass. How you care for your autumn lawn determines, to a great extent, its health for the following year. Take good care of your lawn in the fall, and it will look great in winter, spring and summer.

Rakes are important in the fall to perform the very best lawn care. Raking leaves every couple of days as they are falling off the trees has the dual benefit of exposing the grass to as much sunshine as possible and aerating the soil by the action of the raking. Removing leaves is best done when the lawn is dry, so get this done in early Autumn, before the weather turns wet. The leaves can then be used for composting, along with any grass cuttings. To make lawn care easier, rake your leaves into the Amazing Leaf Cart and wheel them away to your compost pile where they'll be converted to rich, organic humus to create mulch and fertilizer for the spring.

Composting leaves is the most eco-friendly alternative to burning. Dry leaves alone will take a long time to break down but mixing in green plant materials, such as summer flowers and plants you’ve pulled for the year as well as twigs and grass clippings will speed up the process. Sources of nitrogen, such as livestock manure or commercial fertilizer, will also help. Mix the pile occasionally to keep a good supply of air in the compost. A compost pile should be a minimum of three cubic feet and will generate soil conditioner within weeks or a few months, depending on conditions. Make sure to include a layer of dirt between each foot of leaves. Make sure to turn the pile once a month to ensure overall moisture dispersal.

In addition to composting your leaves, use your Amazing Leaf Cart to transport some of them to put under trees and shrubs where they will compost themselves. Then, when spring returns, you will need significantly less new bark mulch to cover the areas surrounding your trees and shrubbery. Research has shown that trees fair better when they have a mulched area surrounding them. The mulch will improve the tree’s health and increase its growth rate. The leaves covering the majority of your lawn, however, need to be cleared away if you want decent grass come spring. You don’t need to rake every time the wind blows, but waiting too long will make for much harder work.

Give your back a break from stress and strain! No lifting or carrying. No need to "shovel" the leaves into a cart or bag. The Amazing Leaf Cart is so easy to use! Just rake the leaves and plant materials directly into your large-capacity leaf cart and wheel them away.

Lawn care is very important to keep your home looking good. Maintain good lawn care by having the right tools. The Amazing Leaf Cart is so lightweight anyone can quickly and safely dump it. With 8 plastic wheels, rough terrain is no problem. This solid construction enables it to hold up to 10 bushels, making it a breeze to transport leaves and even grass clippings easily without hurting your back! It is made out of strong, vinyl-coated fabric with steel tube and wood frame.

When your lawn care is finished, the Amazing Leaf Cart is designed for easy folding and storage by removing the flexible fiberglass support rods. It folds flat and weighs only 14 pounds so you can easily hang it or lean it against a wall between uses. This Amazing Leaf Cart will solve all of your problems with collecting and transporting leaves, grass clippings and yard waste leaving your lawn looking great.



Great Joy!!! I can finally replace our "antique" Looker leaf cart that we bought almost 20 years ago. That cart has been worth its weight in gold. I have been putting off trying to replace the cart for years because everything we have seen in the stores or in catalogues just doesn't come close to your product. Catherine

Sometime ago, we purchased a leaf cart made by Looker Products and it has turned out to be one of the best tools one could have in a large yard with many trees. Thanks! Bob

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